Places to Visit in Jaffna Peninsula

In one my previous posts I talked about places to visit in Jaffna. Jaffna is on the northern corner of the island so most people visit there only once in a lifetime. So usually when they visit Jaffna they try to cover important places in the Jaffna peninsula as well. I have added details of some important places but obviously I can’t cover every single place. If you think I have missed out on a very important place feel free to mention it in the comments section. Also check places to visit on the way to Jaffna before commenting.Below are some of the best places to visit in Jaffna Peninsula.

Point Pedro ( පේදුරු තුඩුව )

There is actually nothing much to see in Point pedro, it’s a small town dominated by the presence of an army camp. The only significance is that it is the furthers corner of this small island. There is big sign with Sri Lanak national flag painted on it. Most people just visit here, take a picture and leave. But nevertheless it’s something you can boast about. Below is a picture I took when I visited there.

Point Pedro rank high in places to visit in Jaffna Peninsula

Dambakola Patuna ( දඹකොළ පටුන )

Dambakola Patuna is best known as the place where Theri Sangamitta ( සංඝමිත්තා තෙරණිය )  landed in Sri Lanka. She brought the first Bo sapling to Sri Lanka. There is temple and a statue of the theri built here. It is also one of the oldest ports in Sri Lanka as well but later ignored because of other prominent ports. The beach is just next to the temple if you want to relax for a while.

Dambakola Patuna , North of Jaffna on the road to KKS

Dambakola Patuna , where Sangamitta theraniya landed with the Bo sapling

Kankesanthurai / KKS ( කංකසංතුරේ )

When it comes to places to visit in Jaffna peninsula Kankasanthurai is one of the hardest to get access. It lies in the high security zone and land mine clearing operations are still going on. Because it’s a high security zone foreign passport holders need special permission from the defense ministry. Also known as KKS, the cement factory there is one of the famous landmarks in the region.

Keerimalai ( කීරමලේ )

Keeramalai is famous for two things, the Naguleswaram kovil and the mineral water springs. The Keeramalai water spring is believed to have curing abilities. It is just next to the sea and truly is a wonder of nature. The kovil is one of the oldest shrines in Sri Lanka and a sacred destination of Hindu’s.

Keeramalai Mineral water springs

Keeramalai Mineral water spring, the sea is right next to it seperated by a dam

Kadurugoda Temple ( කදුරුගොඩ විහාරය )

One of the oldest Buddhist shrines in Sri Lanka, the temple has around 60 stupa and according to reports there were many more but destroyed during the invasions.

Casuriana Beach

One of the most famous beaches in the Jaffna peninsula. If you are coming by vehicle you need to pay to take the vehicle near the beach. This beach is very different from the other beaches found in Sri Lanka. The sand is soft and has a unique color. There are no waves at all and even the trees are different from the ones you find elsewhere. But the most unique and the amazing feature is the shallowness of the sea. You can go a very long distance toward the sea and the water level wont rise beyond your waist. A very safe place to enjoy a bath.

Casuriana Beach, one of the most beautiful beaches in Jaffna peninsula

Casuriana Beach, no waves and shallow water makes it ideal for bathing

Nilavarai Bottomless Well

Although there is nothing much to see but the well, Nilavarai bottomless well is another frequently visited place in the Jaffna peninsula. There are no definite reports about the depth of the well.

Nilavarai, Bottomless well in Jaffna

Bottomless well, Nilavarai, Jaffna

Top Places to Visit in Jaffna Peninsula

mentioned above are some of the must visit place in Jaffna peninsula. In another article I will talk about Places to see on the way to Jaffna.


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